Ever felt your home whispering for a change? Like it’s gently nudging you, hinting that the kitchen could use some fresh energy or the living room might want to shake off its dated look. It’s 2024 and let me tell you, homes are speaking louder than ever with Remodeling Trends 2024.

Do you know those backsplashes in kitchens across Kansas City? They’re not just splashes anymore—they’re conversations between stone and tile, setting ranges and countertops ablaze with style. And think about this: what if our appliances had secret hideouts?

Living rooms have stopped settling for “just okay” too; they’re cozying up with warm neutrals and reaching back into the craft bin for something handmade—something real.

Bathrooms aren’t left behind either. They’ve found their rhythm in fluted woodwork—a visual beat that turns everyday vanities into art pieces.

So, stay tuned. There’s plenty more insight and tips just around the corner.

Embracing the New Wave of Kitchen Design in Kansas City

Discover how Top to Bottom, the home renovation experts, are leading the charge in modernizing kitchens with innovative design trends in Kansas City.

Making a Statement with Mixed Material Backsplashes

Kitchen with Mixed Material Backsplash

Kitchen with Mixed Material Backsplash

Stone or quartz slabs paired with tile create a focal point behind ranges and countertops.

The heart of the home deserves more than just one-note style. We’re seeing stone or quartz slabs shake hands with tile to create kitchen art right behind your ranges and countertops. This trend is heating up, as mixed materials become the go-to pattern for adding visual texture that captures eyes and sparks conversations.

Reports suggest an uptick in homeowners opting for these blended beauties. They bring together rustic wood elements with sleek modern finishes, creating a welcoming environment that’s both timeless and trendy.

The Hidden Charm of Appliance Garages

Custom cabinetry solutions that keep countertops uncluttered and appliances out of sight.

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces where coffee makers mingle awkwardly on island countertops. The new kid on the block? Appliance garages—ingenious storage solutions that hide gadgets out of sight yet keep them handy for when you need to whip up something delicious quickly.

Clever custom cabinetry ensures every square inch counts, making room beneath island counters so you can place grimy sports uniforms elsewhere instead. And it’s not just practical; this increasingly popular setup has design pundits nodding their heads in approval because who doesn’t love clean lines?

Revitalizing Living Spaces with Timeless Textures and Colors

The secret’s out: living rooms are ditching the stark whites for warm neutrals, creating cozy retreats that ooze timeless style. These aren’t just any neutrals; we’re talking creamy off-whites and rich browns that play nice with all sorts of lighting.

Now let’s chat about handmade features—think rustic wood elements that tell a story or those one-of-a-kind handmade clay tiles underfoot. They add unique character to living rooms by bringing an artisan touch right into your home. With this design trend on the rise, it feels like every piece has its backstory.

If you’ve been eyeing up some new room furniture or looking to spruce up your dining room tables, here’s a pro tip: mix in some visual texture with materials like rough statement-making woods or woven fabrics. And remember how cool grays were everywhere? Well, they’re taking a backseat as these warmer tones create more inviting spaces.

Modern Bathroom Elegance with Fluted Details and Custom Vanities

Nothing says luxury like a bathroom decked out in fluted details. It’s the little ridges that catch the light, adding visual texture and transforming custom vanities into pieces of art. Imagine starting your day at a vanity that feels more sculptural than functional – it’s an everyday indulgence.

In Kansas City, where style meets midwestern charm, these textured touches are becoming increasingly popular for their modern yet timeless appeal. The key to getting this look right is all about balance; pairing those pronounced lines with softer elements creates a welcoming environment you won’t want to leave.

The Resurgence of Classic Herringbone Patterns in Flooring and Accents

Who knew that a design as old as the herringbone pattern would make such a splash in modern homes? It’s like watching your favorite ’90s sitcom get a reboot – familiar yet fresh. Homes across Kansas City are now showcasing these intricate patterns not just horizontally, but with an exciting twist. We’re talking about diagonal and vertical layouts gaining ground – literally. This isn’t your grandma’s flooring; it’s taking center stage in home remodeling projects, creating dynamic spaces that draw the eye.

Herringbone isn’t shy either; it makes itself known beyond floors, appearing prominently on accent walls or as backsplashes for those who dare to be different. And let’s face it, if you’ve seen one stark white wall too many, this could be the change you need. Picture deep watery blues and rich browns woven into classic wood elements – this is how we give a nod to tradition while keeping things oh-so-2024.

Kansas City homes are stepping up their style game with a twist on classic herringbone floors and accents—think diagonal layouts and bold backsplashes. It’s tradition reimagined for 2024. #KCStyleTrends #HerringboneComeback Click to Tweet

Integrating Nature into Home Exteriors with Green Walkways

Picture this: you’re strolling down a path where lush greenery peeks out between each step, nature’s own carpet beneath your feet. That’s the eco-chic vibe that green walkways are bringing to homes all over Kansas City. It’s not just about looking good; it’s also about sustainability and adding a slice of serenity right outside your door.

Trends show us that more folks are jazzing up their outdoor pavers with sprigs of life, literally planting greenery in the gaps for an eye-catching design trend that’s as functional as it is beautiful. This isn’t some flash-in-the-pan fad either—statistics tell us this method of marrying hardscape and softscape elements is on the rise.

Why go plain when you can go picturesque? Outdoor spaces get an instant upgrade with these verdant pathways making every trip from curb to door a mini nature escape. Plus, they’re smart for water drainage too. Talk about multi-tasking marvels in modern home exteriors.


Revamping your home is more than a trend—it’s a statement. With Remodeling Trends 2024, you’ve seen how kitchens in Kansas City are getting major facelifts with mixed material backsplashes and hidden appliance garages.

Warm neutrals and handmade touches? They’re turning living rooms into timeless havens. And let’s not forget the bathrooms; fluted details on vanities have become showstoppers.

Herringbone patterns bring floors to life while green walkways invite nature right up to your doorstep. Remember this: blending old and new creates magic, hiding clutter brings peace, texture adds depth, classic becomes modern again, and greenery refreshes.

Your space can whisper elegance or shout innovation—either way, it’s all about making it yours.

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